Semiconductors and flat panels

Semiconductor and flat panel components

Constellium’s plate products are perfectly suited for the manufacture of equipment used to process semiconductor wafers, flat screen and solar panel substrates.

Stable and strong: aluminium in high-tech machinery

Computer chip

There are numerous advantages to using our aluminium products for the manufacturing of advanced machinery. Aluminium retains its shape when it is machined and it cools rapidly when temperature rises, enabling faster production. We have designed specific tight alloy composition for optimum reproducibility and surface coating formulations. These can minimize the contamination of the substrate materials being manufactured.

These qualities make aluminium an attractive material for the manufacturing of vacuum valves, vacuum chambers and vacuum pumps. At Constellium, we place special emphasis on developing practices to achieve low residual stress. These are implemented in the production of large plates that do not deform when being machined, essential for the construction of large vacuum chambers. Additionally, our plates can be anodized for easier cleaning.


Components for semi-conductors and flat panels have to be produced in “clean room” conditions, free from external contaminants, and some specific processes require high temperatures.

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Last update 19 December 2013