Closure sheets

Constellium is a leading manufacturer of closure sheets for wine and spirits, mineral waters, olive oils and other applications.

Constellium is the world #1 supplier of aluminium sheets for closure applications. This video presents the aluminium revolution in the closures market which is the best solution for wine, spirit, mineral water or olive oil.

A reputation for excellence


Our plant in Singen (Germany) has acquired an excellent reputation as a reliable, flexible and innovative partner. We are the world’s #1 provider of aluminium sheets for closure applications, as well as the preferred aluminium supplier for complex aluminium screw caps.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we supply optimum-quality closures to a global customer base. Producing a variety of alloys and tempers for a wide range of closure applications, we have developed deep drawing technologies that are adapted to the requirements of new closures in a changing market.

Drawing deep for newness

Customers choose us for the enhanced aesthetic quality we provide. Thanks to a unique rolling technology, our sheets are appropriate for extremely deep drawn and highly decorated closures (e.g. 30 x 60 mm) for spirits, wines, water and olive oils. We offer an array of textures and degrees of brightness, enabling customers to differentiate and show off their bottles to full advantage.

Our MV3 pre-treatment, based on a phosphate-titanium compound, guarantees optimal lacquer adhesion, while our DOS (dioctyl sebacate) re-oiling process ensures that sheets will not scratch when handled.

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Our unique rolling technology allows for extremely deep drawn and highly decorated closures (e.g. 30 x 60 mm) for wine and spirit bottles.

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Last update 10 March 2015