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Aluminium foil packaging

Constellium’s foil packaging customers use our foil stock in a wide range of applications, from pharmaceutical to food markets.

Products that stand out from the crowd

We partner with our customers to support them in differentiating their products for a diverse consumer market. Both of our manufacturing plants produce hot- and cold-rolled aluminum coils available in various alloys. Thickness and width is determined by customer specifications. Our plants provide a global offer, thanks to optimized supply chain performance.

A wide range of uses

Aluminium foil for pharmaceuticals

Our metal quality and rolling expertise guarantee a final product that fully meets customer expectations

Particularly attentive to performance in impermeability, mechanical integrity, and surface finish, our customers use our foil stock material to produce thin foil (4‑200 microns) for packaging and industrial products. Uses include aseptic foil for beverage packages, bottleneck wrappers, yogurt lids, pharmaceutical blisters, containers, insulations and cable wrap.

Thanks to its versatility, aluminum foil can be applied in a variety of ways.

    Flexible food packaging for a variety of consumer goods including coffee, chocolate, butter, fruit compotes and sugar,
    Rigid food packaging for containers,
    Various mixed packaging solutions in which aluminum is added to other materials to provide an optimal barrier and provide design and printing potential,
    Opening solutions, such as peelable ends,
    Pharmaceuticals, where packaging requires the most effective product preservation properties. Pharmaceutical packaging must meet the highest hygiene standards while simultaneously offering great design potential. Easily sealed and formatted, aluminum foil satisfies these stringent requirements.

Other uses of aluminum foil include automotive and heat exchange components, insulation products, and a variety of industrial applications from roofing insulation against cold and wind to soundproofing and lagging materials.

Aluminum foil is also used in the building industry for cable insulation. Insulated cables appear in a host of sectors including telecommunications, energy and fiber optics.

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Developing solutions

We operate at the cutting edge of technology, coupling unique R&D capabilities with advanced technical support to provide solutions for even the most demanding applications. Our metal quality and rolling expertise guarantees a final product that fully meets customer expectations.

All our products comply with international food safety regulations Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, which we integrate into our own quality management system. We not only follow changes in food packaging norms but also help shape their evolution.

Sustainability and recycling

In addition to offering full recyclability, aluminum is produced in continually thinner forms through downgauging, making it an even more sustainable packaging solution. The latest recycling figures and advances in downgauging are consistent with the European Commission’s proposed 2020 Raw Materials Initiative, which identifies resource conservation as a key priority.

Taking a proactive approach to environmentally responsible production and consumption, we support our customers in developing sustainable solutions for a variety of packaging needs.

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According to EAA, European recycling rates for aluminum foil trays and semi‑rigid containers rose from 40% in 2007 to 45% in 2009. The estimated recycling rate for aluminum packaging in Europe is over 50%.

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