Aluminium can body stock

Aluminium can body stock

The can body stock produced at Constellium’s Neuf-Brisach (France) plant is recognized among our customers as the industry standard.

Leading the way for innovative cans

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Aluminium is increasingly used as a substitute for steel

Recognized as a value-added package for premium beverages, aluminium is increasingly used as a substitute for steel. Thanks to expansion into new regions (such as Eastern Europe) and the rising popularity of energy drinks, the aluminium can market continues to experience constant growth.

Constellium is the leader in the can industry, meeting the challenges of growth and providing innovative solutions for our customers. Our rolling mill teams have extensive experience in the body stock market, boasting dedicated production lines, highly developed expertise, and customer-oriented innovations. We also offer responsive technical support to address customer challenges.

A commitment to R&D

Customers experience the full benefit of close interaction with our Constellium's Technology Center. We partner with our customers in joint product development, offering state-of-the art prototyping lines, forming processes and testing abilities.

Our R&D capabilities enable us to support customers in the development of new can geometries-format, shapes, mechanical properties and designs.

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Constellium is the #2 supplier of aluminium can body stock in Europe.

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