Solar energy solutions

Constellium’s products serve a large spectrum of renewable energy technologies with a clear focus on solar energy applications.

Aluminium in solar energy solutions

Solar farm

Solar energy is one of the most important energy sources for the future. Both light and heat from the sun can be harnessed and collected directly as heat or converted into electrical power. Our solutions are applied in the solar thermal and photovoltaic fields. We offer a portfolio of semi-products in sheet and extrusions and customized solutions, devised in conjunction with customers with technical support tailored to their specific needs.

Our contributions in this area help customers, consumers and society as a whole reduce their carbon footprint and dependence on scarce, imported and damaging fuels. We set new trends for the design and creation of future-oriented technologies and products.

Solar application aluminium reflective sheets

We are a leading manufacturer of sheet solutions for demanding solar applications, for which aluminium is fast becoming the material of choice. Offering eco-friendly, energy‑efficient and sustainable products, we are committed to helping major industry and renewable energy sectors meet their environmental challenges.

Sheet solutions for solar applications

Our reflective aluminium Solar Surface® sheets and coils have been developed for tough outdoor environments, and they can be used wherever light rays need to be concentrated and/or reflected. The Constellium Solar Surface® portfolio includes a broad range of unique materials used to reflect light in a variety of solar applications including:

    collectors for hot water retrieval,
    power enhancement of photovoltaic panels,
    concentration of solar radiation in parabolic troughs,
    solar cooker technology.

Our pre-treated aluminium substrates are optimized for solar-selective absorber coating processes.

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Extrusions for solar panels and converters

Solar panel

We have a longstanding reputation as an expert in high-quality extruded profiles and tubes for the solar industry. Our dedicated production plants in Europe (France, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia) specialize in products intended for the renewable energy sector.

Major applications for our products include frames, sub-frames and structures for solar panels as well as high-dissipation heat sinks for converters. We supply to a comprehensive market segment, ranging from individual homes to solar farms generating energy for entire cities.

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Constellium’s production plants in France, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia specialize in products for the renewable energy sector.

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