Wind energy solutions

According to the Global Wind Energy Council 212 report, wind energy is a significant source of renewable energy with over 282,482 MW of installed capacity worldwide - mostly in Europe, Asia and the US. The low weight and high efficiency of Constellium’s aluminium solutions are part of an exceptional value proposition for wind turbine manufacturers. 

Lighter aluminium extrusion for greater blades and converters efficiency

Wind applications

Wind power is generated through the conversion of wind energy, harnessed via wind turbines, into electricity. This renewable energy solution is implemented on a whole range of scales - from large wind farms connected to a city’s power grid to single turbines providing electricity to isolated locations.

Lightweighting is key to reducing efficiency losses during wind power generation. Extruded aluminium profiles are becoming increasingly important as the wind energy market continues to grow. Our production program includes profiles for innovative wind turbine blades and high-dissipation heat sinks for converters.


There are 282,482 MW of installed capacity for wind energy worldwide (Global Wind Energy Council, report 2012).

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