Leisure vehicles

Leisure vehicles

Global manufacturers of leisure vehicles such as caravans look to Constellium for aluminium products that help them reduce weight without compromising strength.

A wealth of opportunity

This market sector is increasingly realizing the advantages of aluminium: its resistance to corrosion, durability, welding properties and recyclability, and the freedom it affords in terms of design.

Aluminium plates and extrusions

Our DIAMAL® pre-painted proprietary coils is the material of choice for building light, strong and durable vehicle bodies. The gloss on its painted surface provides an added advantage, reflecting heat and improving thermal insulation. A selection of soft colors allows manufacturers to harmonize with vehicle bodies. 

We also produce a wide range of customized extruded products for applications such as heating systems and ladders.


DIAMAL® aluminium coil is produced in varied specifications:  thickness of 0.5 to 1.5 mm, width of up to 2,500 mm and length of up to 13,500 mm. 

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