Precision casting for rail applications

Railcar manufacturers increasingly turn to Constellium for ways to reduce weight and gain fuel efficiency.

Precision and speed

Aluminium casting has been successfully used for decades in power train applications. These include engine boxes and structural parts, such as support beams and bogies. Our Ussel (France) plant specializes in precision casting - the fastest, simplest and most cost-effective way of shaping aluminium.

The plant’s experience in precisions and castings involves two processes: a low-pressure process and a gravity process, which imposes virtually no limitations on the dimensions or complexity of the components being cast.

Shaping solutions to customer needs

Our engineers collaborate with customers on design and development to provide tailor-made solutions to suit specific needs. For example, we work with customers to create three-dimensional machined and casting models for stress and crash finite element analysis, pouring and chilling simulation, and rapid prototyping on a global basis.

Working with Alstom, Constellium engineers co-developed the lightweight castings used in the links between the main carriage bodies of the two-level French high-speed train (TGV).


Constellium supplies a broad range of high-tensile alloys, including ALUSAND®.

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Last update 16 September 2014