Industry support for recycling

Industry support for aluminium recycling

Within an industry that is increasingly responsive to environmental and economic challenges, Constellium is contributing to efforts to improve aluminium recovery and recycling processes. We set the standard in our response to this growing concern.

New markets for recycled aluminium

Recycling highlight

As global awareness of sustainability issues develops, demand for improved environmental performance grows. Companies can fulfill increasingly strict sustainability targets by recycling aluminium.

Recycled aluminium is so popular that in some sectors, demand is outstripping supply. The average lifespan of aluminium products (12 years in the automotive sector, 15-18 in aerospace and up to 30 years in building), combined with sustained growth in required volumes also limits the access to used products. From an environmental standpoint, it is therefore more important to increase the recycling of used aluminium products than to find ways to use recycled metal.

In Europe in 2008, about 40% of aluminium demand was satisfied by recycled material. The majority is used by the automotive sector, followed by the engineering, packaging, aerospace and building sectors. In addition, approximately 90-95% of aluminium used in the construction and transport industries is recycled. Several European countries reached beverage can recycling rates of over 90%, with Germany peaking at 96%.

Constellium leading the way to improve alloy collection & sorting

In response to increased demand for sustainable materials, the aluminium industry is facilitating recycling by enhancing product design for recyclability and by continuously improving the efficiency of the aluminium recovery processes. In these areas, Constellium is setting the standard. In addition to our patented recycling processes, we possess unique capabilities, including specialized recycling units with tilting rotative and induction furnaces and specific recycling processes for AIRWARE®. Constellium constantly invests in research into improving collection and sorting. Comprehensive systems for the recovery of used aluminium now exist in the majority of European countries, and collection rates are on the rise.

Last update 26 May 2011