Preventing pollution

Preventing pollution on-site

Preventing pollution at our sites is at the heart of our commitment to minimize our environmental footprint.We do this by maintaining adequate tools and processes, including internal directives and guidelines, as well as by ensuring that we have the appropriate protection and containment equipment.

Our emissions remain relatively stable and at a low intensity level for legacy Constellium. Although our acquisition of the Muscle Shoals plant added a significant quantity of air emissions, due to the size of the plant, the intensity of these emissions remains low.

In 2014 we piloted an external audit initiative to provide assurance that our operations are compliant with our internal directives and regulations. Following the successful pilot at Montreuil-Juigné, we carried out two more external audits in 2015, at C-TEC and Nuits-Saint-Georges, confirming that our internal procedures performed satisfactorily with only minor issues identified. Four further external audits are planned for 2016, at Neuf-Brisach,Issoire, Ussel and Valais.

Constellium Operations - preventing pollution

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