Reducing waste

Reducing waste

As aluminium is a valuable resource, most of our production waste is recycled. However, we do still produce some waste that is not recyclable by traditional means and therefore goes to landfill.Examples of this waste include flue-gas dust, sludge from wastewater treatment and waste from demolition.

We continue to work with leading organizations around the world to explore ways to reduce waste sent to landfill, particularly flue-gas dust. For example, during 2015 we launched a dedicated collaboration program with Strasbourg University aimed at identifying new ways to process flue-gas dust. This is a complex issue and although we have no progress to report at this point, we remain committed to finding a workable solution in time. We did achieve success at our Ravenswood plant during the year, where we reduced the amount of flue-gas dust we produce by improving process control as well as identifying recycling solutions for other categories of waste, notably wood.

Constellium Operations - reducing waste

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A major investment in a new furnace and associated excavation work led to a significant, though temporary, increase in our overall landfilled waste in 2015. The acquisition of the Muscle Shoals plant more than doubled our total amount of waste sent to landfill.

While the overall waste volumes generated by Muscle Shoals remain moderate, we will address this situation over the coming years through a set of initiatives previously deployed at our other locations. We have set an overall Constellium reduction target (including Muscle Shoals) of 10% in the amount of landfilled waste resulting from our production operations. We no longer have a target for demolition waste because it is closely linked to construction work and is therefore difficult to predict. However, avoiding sending this waste to landfill will also be part of our actions.

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