Community engagement

Community engagement

We are committed to supporting the communities close to our operations, playing a part in their successes andbeing a good neighbor. Our community initiatives are currently developed and implemented at a local level, although we are moving towards a more consistent, company-wide approach.

Community engagement

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Our aim is that each site should implement at least one community program per year. In 2016, our activities were conducted across four broad areas of focus: Environment; Educational and social programs; Community outreach; Sport and healthcare.

As an example, the the local human resources team at Ravenswood launched Constellium CARES, a program aimed at reinforcing the important role that employees, families, and communities have at Constellium.

Employees request activities or suggest projects they would like to take part in and a team, created specificallyfor this program, meets weekly to review submissions and track the progress of events being planned for employees andtheir families. Examples of activities included: a Baseball Family Night, with 800 tickets reserved for employees; the Relay for Life Team, which saw employees raise funds for cancer research and take 1st place at a relay event.

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