Community engagement

Community engagement

BeTreff event

The Singen team at the BeTreff event.
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As a major employer at our locations, Constellium is well aware of its responsibilities not only to the local economy, but also to the local community. Supporting its employees in their private initiatives and providing opportunities for local communities to get to know the company better are just some of the ways that Constellium acts on those responsibilities.

Constellium is a willing participant in community engagement, either directly or through the voluntary efforts of its employees. Typically, these involve supporting a local charity event or opening the doors of our plants to employees’ families and friends for a special occasion. For example, nearly 50 Constellium Singen employees and family members took part in the 2013 edition of a sponsored walk, jog and wheelchair event to support BeTreff, a social institution for people with mental disabilities, partly funded by charitable donations.

Plant management at Ravenswood arranged a series of events for the benefit of staff and their families over the course of 2013. Similarly, Constellium’s joint venture plant in Changchun, China, organizes an annual “Show Me Your Company Day” for the families and friends of its employees. For half a day, guests get to visit the plant and listen to presentations about EHS and the company, while operators show people how their particular machines work.

In addition, Constellium helps Abdelmajid Jabbour balance his work in Paris on our corporate websites with his training program as a kayaker (see picture in the right column).

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