Community engagement

Community engagement

As a major employer at our locations, Constellium is well aware of its responsibilities not only to the local economy, but also to the local community. Supporting its employees in their private initiatives and providing opportunities for local communities to get to know the company better are just some of the ways that Constellium acts on those responsibilities.

Community engagement

During 2014, a team of new apprentices from our site at Valais in Switzerland spent a week restoring the culturally important hamlet of Chiessio in the Alps.

We rely on local communities to provide people with the skills, commitment and experience that we need to maintain our competitive edge. So we are keen to play an active part in supporting those communities wherever and whenever possible.

Each plant adapts its initiatives toits own local environment, rather than merely adopting a company-wide approach. Every site was involved in valuable community work during the year,

In addition, Constellium helps Abdelmajid Jabbour balance his work in Paris on our corporate websites with his training program as a kayaker (see picture in the right column).

MajidJabbour sponsorship

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