Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Ensuring safety at work as well as improving safety performance

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) is the number one priority for Constellium – we want every employee, visitor and contractor to return home safely every day. During 2016, we continued to make progress on delivering our commitment to EHS. We are working hard to deliver the performance that our people and communities deserve. 

EHS FIRST at Constellium

For us, EHS excellence is about developing a mindset where each of us makes EHS the top priority at all times. Our Recordable Case Rate* continues to be among the best in the industry. However, we recognize that the nature of our industry’s materials and machinery mean that there are inherent risks during our operations – and every procedure is therefore conceived and implemented with accident avoidance as the primary objective. 

Our communications program based on the FIRST acronym reminds employees of our five key safety behaviors. Contractors, suppliers and visitors to our sites are expected to comply with the same high EHS requirements as employees. Each person receives a plant-specific orientation and is fully supervised throughout their visit. Each person entering a Constellium managed area is included in the Constellium Injury Record keeping System.

Safety programs and actions

We continued to roll out our safety policy in 2016, reviewing the Standard Operating Procedures in all our plants. We also made further progress on standardizing our Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Risk Control processes, with 69% now complete. As safety is closely aligned with behavior, we continued to provide regular coaching to our shift supervisors, with one supervisor coached every month on safety leadership. The aim is to ensure that our people buy into our safety culture and understand the personal benefits that are generated by correct behaviors. Initiatives such as the Contained Hazards project, the Five Minute Safety Talks and renewed focus on our Leadership Safety Tours form the cornerstone of our drive for improved performance.


In addition to our work on Substances of Very High Concern, we launched a global health initiative in 2016. This raised awareness among our employees of the importance of physical activity, healthy food, sleep and mental well-being. We also recorded our lowest ever number of newly-recognized work-related diseases, which fell to eight from 20 in the previous year. The reduction in conditions such as hearing loss is attributable to investment in new equipment and changes in working practices.

Constellium’s Recordable Case Rate measures the number of fatalities, serious injuries, lost-time injuries, restricted work injuries or medical treatments per one million hours worked.

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