Motivation and Engagement

Motivation and Engagement

motivation and engagement

We value our employees highly and work hard to ensure they enjoy maximum job satisfaction; we believe this translates into improved business performance.

Our biennial employee survey program is designed to understand our employees’ needs, improve satisfaction at work, and identify improvement areas moving forward.

Although we did not reach our target of a six-point increase in employee satisfaction results by 2014, we are working hard to increase performance ahead of the 2016 survey. We have re-started our target to achieve a six-point increase by 2020.

Annual EHS FIRST day

Annual EHS FIRST day

We are proud of the dedication and commitment of our employees. The THANK YOU AWARDS are one of the way in which we recognize the great work of our people during the year.

This program celebrates individual employees and teams across the Company for their remarkable efforts and accomplishments, which combine to advance our collective ambition, goals and values.

The THANK YOU AWARDS are structured around the categories that reflect our business priorities: EHS & Sustainability; customer focus; operational excellence; and innovation. 
We are developing other initiatives to complement our long-established THANK YOU AWARDS, including a new Service Awards program to recognize the contributions of long service employees at Ravenswood in the US.

Constellium Thank You Awards

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