Skill development

Skill development

Training and empowerment

At Constellium, we know that training and empowerment ensure that we meet our business objectives and that our people fulfill their own personal potential.

Our training programs address our key strategic pillars such as Lean, growth and innovation. While we have a strong training focus at a local level, we recently launched our Constellium University initiative to deliver corporate programs that focus on broader strategic and company culture issues that are relevant to all of our sites around the world.

Training delivered by Constellium University targets both new joiners as well as current employees, with a strong focus on Lean as well as on developing functional competencies.

Fueling our future

Skills development

Preparing the workforce of tomorrow – apprentices at Neuf-Brisach

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The young people of today are the future of Constellium. We work hard to ensure that they have the skills they need to succeed, with a primary focus on apprenticeships.

We have doubled our intake of apprentices at Neuf-Brisach and Issoire in France. At Neuf-Brisach, for example, we launched a new vocational training program to help young people, including women, become production line operators.

At Singen in Germany, over 100 apprentices and students take part in a three-and-a-half-year program at our Industrial Training Center. The program covers the different disciplines that the site depends on, including mechatronics, mechanics, process mechanics, materials testing and mechanical engineering. Singen also delivers training for a wide range of other roles such as sales, marketing and human resources.

Each year, more than 20 apprentices graduate and take their places on the Singen shop floor or in our offices.The Singen approach, where public education resources are integrated into our facilities, is a training model that we believe offers great opportunities. We work closely with local schools at Singen and deliver the majority of the training within the site, ensuring that apprentices gain practical knowledge of the working environment.

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