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Constellium Technology Center

A world-renowned R&D platform in aluminium metallurgy.

The Constellium Technology Center, near Grenoble, France, opened in 1967 and since 2003 has been a part of Alcan Engineered Products, renamed Constellium in 2011. We are the largest R&D center in Western Europe working on aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Helping Constellium, develop its various businesses and projects has allowed the Technology Center to consistently expand our capacities. Our scientific and technical potential has been improved over recent years with the addition of new staff and new equipment. The Constellium Technology Center now includes 170 R&D specialists (engineers and technicians) along with cutting-edge scientific hardware, prototype and pilot-project instruments and modeling technology.

The Technology Center also collaborates scientifically with an international network of first-rate laboratories.

Today the Technology Center puts these extraordinary skills and resources to work for European industry by supporting innovative projects for new aluminium products, processes and solutions that serve such major markets as transportation, packaging, construction, energy and beyond.

Download our Constellium C-TEC brochure (June 2017 - in English):

Constellium C-TEC brochure - June 2017 - English
Last update 01 June 2017
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