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Aluminium alloys forming

A solid understanding of how metallurgical structures can be optimized, to take full advantage of the formability of aluminium alloys.

Making the most of how formable aluminium alloys are takes a whole set of complementary skills, involving making properly shaped parts, choosing the right alloy and its metallurgical state, and devising the stamps. The first skill is what gives the structure its general form; then the others come in, to give the stamped piece its final contours, either by constriction or expansion, and modify the geometry of the tool given the limits on the formability of the alloy chosen.

By connecting our knowledge of physical metallurgy with the properties of semi-finished and finished products, we can identify the alloy best suited to the requirements of the forming process and thus its ability to tolerate the stamp. The choice of alloy also depends on the mechanical characteristics sought in the final piece, especially the homogeneity between its different areas or its "anisotropy", the difference in mechanical characteristics imparted by the rolling mill.

Last update 16 May 2011
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