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Surface treatment and coatings

Solid know-how and practical solutions in choosing a surface treatment that meets application and fabrication cost requirements.

Treatments that change the state or properties of the metal’s surface for various kinds of improvements - such as making the surface hold a coating better, improving the surface’s hardness and abrasion resistance, changing its optical properties, adding to it decoratively and protecting it from corrosion while preserving its appearance.

Choosing the right treatment takes skills of its own, based on knowledge of the specific fundamental properties of the different aluminium alloys. Combining fundamental surface science with a very practical approach to technical appraisals and consulting, the Constellium Technology Center experts are knowledgeable about every kind of surface treatment: Degreasing, mechanical surface treatments, chemical surface treatments, lacquering and anodizing. The point is to meet specifications while observing fabrication cost constraints.

Last update 16 May 2014
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