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R&D services for innovative aluminium systems

170 specialists and outstanding physical resources, all there to help you achieve your innovation goals. Knowledge, technical assistance, unique technological hardware and training - a complete range of services for the benefit of your Research & Development programs.

Innovative process and product solutions

By drawing on an organization tailored to manufacturing operations and finished products, Constellium Technology Center is in a perfect position to help manufacturing and processing companies implement effective R&D programs. New alloys - innovative processes for processing, assembling and forming materials - new applications: Constellium's Technology Center solutions already play a key role in innovation in aeronautics, automotive, packaging, construction, transportation and manufacturing.

Knowledge solutions

The Constellium Technology Center puts our knowledge of metallurgy, particularly aluminium, at your company's disposal. Our high level of training, along with our sizable library of information, is a unique contribution we can offer to the success of industrial R&D programs.

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