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Process and aluminium solutions

By drawing on an organization tailored to manufacturing operations and finished products, Constellium Technology Center is in a perfect position to help manufacturing and processing companies implement effective R&D programs. New alloys - innovative processes for processing, assembling and forming materials - new applications: Constellium's Technology Center solutions already play a key role in innovation in aeronautics, automotive, packaging, construction, transportation and manufacturing.

Product development
Design and modeling assistance

Recognized experience and specific tools for designing high-performing materials and modeling the processes for converting and fabricating them.

Production of metallurgical prototypes
Metallurgical and aluminium prototypes

From sample to prototype - outstanding resources on a single site for designing and testing workable, profitable solutions.

Transmission Microscopy
Alloy analysis and microstructural characterization

Micro-structural chemical analysis: the latest equipment for manipulating materials down to the nanometric level.

Precision Cell (range 200 N)
Mechanical testing

The Constellium Technology Center's mechanical testing lab has unique characterization equipment for static and dynamic tests and and failure mechanics.

Quenching furnace for prototyping
Heat treatment

Multiple solutions for improving the way materials development, processing and forming are placed into manufacturing processes.

Automated batch line
Surface treatments and coatings

The Constellium Technology Center's workshops for Organic Surface treatments and Coatings contain pilot project equipment and prototype lines.

MIG welding robot
Joining technologies

An array of innovative facilities for designing, developing and testing the characteristics of assemblies of materials and structures.

Last update 27 May 2014
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