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Alloy analysis and microstructural characterization

Micro-structural chemical analysis: the latest equipment for manipulating materials down to the nanometric level.

SEM 3D (microdissolution)

As an R&D center with an international reputation, the Constellium Technology Center provides our clients with high-performance tools for research and analysis, enabling them to develop and optimize materials, along with the reliability of related processes.

With two laboratories, one focusing on the chemical analysis and characterization of materials and the other on their micro-structural analysis, the Constellium Technology Center offers a complete range of investigative tools for chemical characterization (minerals and organics), corrosion research, non-destructive testing and the analysis of surfaces and surface treatments, from the millimetric scale (optical microscopy) down to the nanometric (electronic microscopy, both scanning and transmission).

Constellium's Technology Center specialists are ready to appraise, explain and interpret the results; to accompany them with practical recommendations, and to conduct tests to qualify materials, those new and those built into existing solutions.

Last update 27 May 2014
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