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Aluminium design & modeling assistance

Recognized experience and specific tools for designing high-performing materials and modeling the processes for converting and fabricating them.

From high-performance alloys for aeronautics to functional surfaces products for cosmetics and construction, the Constellium Technology Center - in partnership with our clients - designs, tests and models high performing materials and processes.

The Constellium Technology Center combines an in-depth knowledge of the physical and mechanical metallurgy of alloys, intermediate products and components. Using experimental equipment unique in Europe for characterization and digital simulation, the Constellium Technology Center helps our clients to master the properties of alloys and their products, whether for casting, rolling or extrusion, to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

The Constellium Technology Center is also able to model the design of structural products and systems and to conduct the digital simulations necessary for bringing performance up to specifications.

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Last update 27 May 2014
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