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Aluminium joining & assembly technologies

An array of innovative facilities for designing, developing and testing the characteristics of assemblies of materials and structures.

The Constellium Technology Center has been a pioneer in assembly technologies, from welding (arc, resistance and friction-stir welding) to brazing, adhesive bonding and mechanical assembly.

Being especially well suited to the critical welds used in transportation applications (automotive, rail, marine), fusion welding, such as arc welding, provides a high-quality joint that can be easily reproduced. Resistance welding produces welds of good structural quality that can withstand industrial lengths of service.

MIG welding robot

Friction stir welding

Mig welding robot

Friction stir welding

Friction stir welding is an innovative technology largely developed for aluminium alloys by our experts at the Constellium Technology Center. Particularly suited to structural applications in aeronautics, it provides an ideal quality join that is reproducible, as well as mechanical properties that equal those of assembled materials.

Last update 27 May 2014
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