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Aluminium surface treatment technologies and organic coatings

The Constellium Technology Center's workshops for Organic Surface treatments and Coatings contain pilot project equipment and prototype lines.

The advanced instrumentation and the flexibility of the equipment at the Constellium Technology Center are distinct advantages when developing and preparing an industrial implementation of a new surface treatment and coating solution.

Automated batch line

Three major tools are used in the Constellium Technology Center workshops for selecting, testing and mastering processes for improved materials performance (surface aspect and hardness) in light of client applications.

The automated batch line enables testing a wide variety of surface preparation, anodic oxidation, electrolytic coloration and other treatments.

With this very modular design, the aluminium strip treatment pilot line is able to reproduce numerous continuous industrial treatment processes on a strip.

Lastly, an organic coating pilot line makes it possible to bake varnishes and paintingand to perform surface application by roller, such as lubrification.

Last update 27 May 2014
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