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Mechanical testing

The Constellium Technology Center's mechanical testing lab has unique characterization equipment for static and dynamic tests and and failure mechanics.

From simple traction to fatigue sollicitations and complex damage tolerance research, the highly-qualified team of technicians and engineers of the Constellium Technology Center mechanical testing lab offer a very broad array of services.

The lab's know-how applies to systems for measuring and monitoring crack propagation, using optical and COD compliance or potential drop and deformation, with no-contact 3-D system. A 250-ton machine also makes it possible to carry out static and dynamic characterization trials on structures. The entire set of tools available enable work on applications for such highly diversified markets as aeronautic, packaging, construction, automotive, industrial transportation, marine, nuclear, boiler-making or sports and leisure sectors.

2500 kN press

Precision cell (range 200 N)

2500 kN press

Precision Cell (range 200 N)

Last update 06 October 2015
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