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Expertise in teaching and putting together customized training programs, inside or outside your company, around a specific technical project.

The Constellium Technology Center offers our clients a total package of training programs and field-of-knowledge surveys, enabling companies to increase the successfulness of their Research and Development programs.

Our knowledge base and instruction methods apply not only to aluminium metallurgy but also to transformation technologies (casting/molding, rolling/extrusion and joining), chemical analysis, the structural characterization of materials, industrial statistics and experimental plans.

Training specialists, experts in their professional field, design and lead made-to-order training programs that combine both theory and practice. The unique scientific and technological facilities of the Constellium Technology Center allow hands-on training, taking full advantage of the tools and resources on site.

The Constellium Technology Center is a legally recognised organisation (n°11-92-16860-92).

Last update 27 May 2014
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