Internship - Ductility of Aluminium - Copper - Lithium alloys for lower wings H/F/X



France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Voreppe

Remote Position: 


September 11th, 2023



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Intership's topic: «Ductility of Aluminium – Copper – Lithium alloys for lower wings »


The internship takes place in the context of the development of Al-Cu-Li alloys for the aerospace industry and the effort to understand the relationships between the fabrication process parameters, the microstructures, and the mechanical properties. More specifically, the objective is to understand the influence of the microstructure and texture of a lower wing plate on its elongation to fracture in longitudinal and transverse directions.


1 – Analysis of the constitutive behavior:


  • Analysis of the available results on Al-Cu-Li alloys regarding the elongation anisotropy
  • Tensile tests at different strain rates for different tempers
  • Analysis of the strain hardening
  • Modeling, possibly using a crystal plasticity model


2 – Analysis of the fracture modes:


  • Tests on double-notch specimens to observe failure mechanisms
  • Fractography
  • In situ tensile tests in a Scannig Electron Microscope



These trials and analyses will be performed on products having different textures, and subjected to different aging treatments.


The role of the trainee will be to define relevant tests, to launch these tests and to perform the tests in collaboration with lab specialists on the sophisticated instruments.


The trainee will integrate the Metallurgy team and will be supervised by two engineers working dor the development of Al-Cu-Li alloys.






Education level: Master degree preparation or engineering school

Mechanical or Materials engineering


Competencies & technical & soft skills requirement:


  • Basics : Metallurgy
  • Autonomy and team work orientation
  • Interest for experiments and observations
  • Ability for writing and presentating
  • Some French langage knowledge, even very basic, appreciated