A world-leading product portfolio is of little use without a corresponding mastery of our processes. We maintain our expertise by encouraging close contacts between C-TEC and our plants, complemented by our pilot processing and process modelling capabilities.

  • Modelling

The final properties of aluminium alloys depend both on their chemical composition and on their entire thermo-mechanical history during the multiple steps of their processing. Moreover, our alloys are produced in large batches and thus in large industrial furnaces and mills whose thermo-mechanical conditions must be controlled to ensure that every part of the final product reaches the desired properties. Finite element modelling of our processes is an invaluable tool to ensure full mastery of the process condition and explore potential process optimizations. We model in this way every step of our processes, from casting through rolling or extrusion to the final thermo-mechanical treatments.

  • Pilots and plant trials

We work closely with Constellium’s plants in order to improve their process mastery. Often this involves instrumented trials on plant equipment, with conditions prepared in the laboratory either through modelling or by pilot-scale trials. For example, we develop casting recipes for new alloys and/or new ingot geometries using our 1:1 scale casting equipment in Voreppe. These are then transferred to the plants in a collaborative process involving the plant personnel and the R&T engineers who designed the new casting conditions.