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Issoire, France

Constellium’s plant at Issoire, France, is one of the world’s top two aerospace plate mills, with wingskin capabilities and the first casthouse dedicated to producing our Airware® technology on an industrial scale. The plant has 1,600 employees.

The Issoire plant is a key actor in the aerospace industry, producing plates, sheets and extrusions for various market segments (aerospace and defense industries; marine, commercial and leisure vehicles; and industries). It comprises 5 production units: the traditional casthouse, the Airware® casthouse, the plate shop, the sheet shop and the extrusion shop.

Issoire, France
Type : Plant
Constellium Issoire
Rue Yves Lamourdedieu
ZI des Listes
63502 Issoire Cedex
Tel: +33 (0)4 73 55 50 50

100,000 m²
24.7 acres
  • EN 9100
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 50001
  • ISO 9001
  • NADCAP (for various processes)
  • OHSAS 18001

Aerospace plate, sheet and extrusions; Armor plate and sheet; Space plate and sheet; Commercial vehicle sheet and coil; Marine sheet and coil; Leisure vehicle sheet and coil


Issoire plant’s manufacturing capabilities


The casthouse possesses state-of-the-art equipment capable of satisfying all aerospace specifications. It is organized around 6 furnaces for remelt, melting, treatment, and production of slabs and billets, as well as a warehouse and finishing shop.

Airware® casthouse

The Airware® casthouse is the leading industrial casthouse for producing low-density alloys. It is composed of 14-ton induction furnaces, a dry-off furnace, and treatment equipment for the liquid metal.

Plate shop

The plate shop is the biggest workshop in the Issoire plant, with unique capabilities for producing the specialized plates required for the aerospace sector. The plate shop is equipped with one reversing hot rolling mill, stretchers, ultrasonic equipment, ageing furnaces, quenching and machining.

Sheet shop

The sheet shop is dedicated to producing thicker sheets for fuselage. Thanks to these sheet capabilities it can manufacture transportation and marine products. The principal equipment includes cold and hot rolling mills, stretchers, quenching and finishing lines.

Extrusion shop

The extrusion shop delivers two types of products for key market applications. These are stringers for aerospace, and round and square bars for general engineering applications and forgers. This shop consists of hot extrusion, stretcher, quenching and ultrasonic equipment, and one ageing furnace.


The Issoire plant is committed to working together with all aerospace industry stakeholders to maximize recycling opportunities. It has specialized recycling units with tilting rotative and induction furnaces, and a patented process for Airware® recycling.

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