Constellium’s aluminium advanced products have been traveling beyond the stratosphere for more than three decades. Through longstanding partnerships with builders of launchers and space vehicles, we have demonstrated our capacity to deliver the highest quality aluminium solutions and services.

Our solutions

The space industry needs materials that are light and strong, resistant to fatigue, and able to withstand intense vibrations and extreme temperature. 

Constellium developed its advanced Airware® technology with these requirements in mind. Featuring a much lower density, higher stiffness, and better damage tolerance, it has proven to be safer and more reliable during space missions.

Castings also provide a valuable way of creating key components. For example, on the Ariane 5 launcher, Constellium provides a precision-cast aluminium alloy impeller for the third cryogenic main stage engine hydrogen turbo-pump.

For crew vehicles, our Airware® 2195 provides a strong, low-density material for spars, diagonal structures, and components. Our Airware® 2050 offers a combination of unique properties for structural sections, including frames, ribs, and window supports.

Space programs

Over the past 10 years, Airware® 2050 joined Airware® 2195 as a preferred plate material for pressurized and non-pressurized structural components of space launchers and crew modules.

Both alloys were selected by major space programs and globally, several other space launch entities are performing studies and building prototype launchers utilizing Airware® 2195 and 2050.

Constellium Airware® has been used for the NASA Orion Crew Module. For the new Boeing Space Launch System (SLS) and Crew Module, we delivered Airware® 2050 extrusions and plates.