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Only few understand the benefits of an aluminium mold. Constellium can assist OEMs, molders and mold makers in pursuing value creation in manufacturing and productivity.


The Alumold® product portfolio is highly versatile and products can be used for applications in sectors such as automotive, household appliances, consumer electronics, footwear, bottling, sports equipment, toys, etc.

Alumold® portfolio overview



Alumold® 350

Alumold® 400

Alumold® 500

Alumold® 600

Thickness capabilities

Up to 305 mm

Up to 700 mm

Up to 700 mm

Up to 100 mm


Up to 465 MPa - developed for hot molds

Up to 450 Mpa

Up to 590 Mpa

Up to 640 Mpa


High-temp applications with continuous service temperature up to 200°C (mold temperature).

Rubber molding, reactive molding, composite material forming.

Particularly well suited to plastic container molds.

Dedicated chemistry for high corrosion resistance, yet with high strength.

High hardness and strength molds.

Suited to injection molds for medium to large series as well as back plates.

Highest possible strength and hardness in heavily loaded tools.

Suitable for molds and back plates.

Tensile strength

All products within the Alumold® suite benefit from a very good shape stability achieved through stress relieving.

The Alumold® portfolio is complemented by the following products: Certal®, Fortal®, Alcast® and Fibral®.

Our Alumold® portfolio also includes extrusions in a wide range of diameters. Their special composition gives great corrosion resistance. Bars are delivered after heat treatment and internal stress relieving.