Packaging and Automotive Rolled Products

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Packaging and Automotive Rolled Products develops, provides and recycles aluminium sheets and coils for packaging applications (beverage and food cans, closures, foils) as well as automotive solutions, including high-performance products for Auto Body Sheet and heat exchangers. In addition, the business unit recycles end-of-life products, such as used beverage cans.

2019 key figures

  • € 3.149 billion in revenues
  • #1 worldwide in closure stock
  • #2 in Europe and #3 in North America for can  body stock
  • #2 in Europe in Auto Body Sheet

Packaging and Automotive Rolled Products’ solutions

Packaging Automotive Industry
  • Beverage can, end, and tabstock
  • Food canstock

  • Closure sheets

  • Aerosol stock

  • Functional surfaces for cosmetics

  • Foilstock packaging


  • Auto Body Sheet
  • Car body closures
  • Functional surfaces for  auto deco

  • Cladded material for heat exchangers




  • Pre anodized and anodized material  for building & architecture

  • Coil for industrial applications






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Neuf-Brisach, France

Founded in 1967, the Neuf-Brisach plant is one of Constellium’s largest sites. Perfectly located in Europe’s industrial heartland, this unique integrated aluminium rolling, finishing and recycling facility designs and produces a wide portfolio of coil and sheet products, servicing customers in canstock and foodstock, automotive (body sheets, heat exchangers and equipment parts), as well as industry application sectors.

Singen, Germany

The Singen’s plant is an aluminium manufacturing plant with over 1,500 employees. With its high-grade cold mills, integrated hot/cold rolling line and one of the largest extrusion presses in the world, Singen’s plant is one of Constellium’s largest sites. Today, Singen develops, manufactures and distributes aluminium packaging and automotive rolled products, extruded products, automotive components.

Muscle Shoals, Alabama, U.S.

With over 1,200 employees, the widest strip mill in the USA and a world-class recycling center, Muscle Shoals’ site represents one of Constellium’s largest sites.

Muscle Shoals’ main product is aluminium can sheet for the packaging industry, particularly for beverage containers. It manufactures sheet used in all three components of an aluminum can, namely body stock, coated end stock and tab stock. Additionally, Muscle Shoals’ supplies Auto Body Sheet substrate to Constellium’s Bowling Green, Kentucky, site .

Bowling Green, Kentucky, U.S.

The manufacturing plant is ideally located near major OEMs plants and houses a capacity of 100,000 metric tons of finished coils and sheets which can be directly stamped by OEMs or Tier1 stamping units. The plant supplies 5 and 6xxx alloys, and 7xxx alloys for ultra high strength requirements, with a wide spectrum of thicknesses and width, and provides coils and sheets for closures inners, outers and body in white.

In January 2019 Constellium acquired the remaining 49% stake in Constellium-UACJ ABS, LLC (CUA) to become fully owned by Constellium.

Key customers

Airware plate for aerospace applications

Aerospace and Transportation

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Aerospace and Transportation provides technologically-advanced aluminium alloys with wide applications across the global aerospace, transportation, industry and defense sectors. The business unit offers a wide range of products including plates, sheets and extrusions which allow Constellium to provide tailored solutions, pre-machining and other added-value services to its customers.

2019 key figures

  • € 1.462 billion in revenues
  • #1 worldwide for aerospace plates
  • #1 in north america for wide coils
  • #1 in aero sheets in Europe

Aerospace and Transportation's solutions

Aerospace Transportation Defense Industry
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Military aircraft

  • Space

  • Trucks
  • Marine

  • Leisure vehicles

  • Military land vehicles
  • Military Aircraft

  • Navy

  • Machinery
  • Semi-conductor and flat panels

  • Molds

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Constellium’s aerospace production sites all meet the highest standards. Issoire (France), Ravenswood (West Virginia, U.S.) and Montreuil-Juigné (France) form a high-quality industrial platform with unique capabilities.

Ussel (France) is one of the sole providers of sand casting aerospace components, while our plants in Valais (Switzerland) manufactures high value-added aluminium plates.

Two casting units produce Airware®, at the Issoire plant and our Technology Center in Voreppe, France.

Key Customers


Automotive Structures and Industry

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Automotive Structures and Industry produces advanced solutions for the global automotive industry, including body structures, Crash Management Systems (CMS), battery enclosures and other safety components and extrusions. This business unit also manufactures large profiles mainly for road and rail transportation, energy and other industrial applications. Constellium complements this product range with a comprehensive offering of downstream technology and services, including pre-machining, surface treatment and logistic support services.

2019 key figures

  • € 1,351 billion in revenues
  • #1 in Europe for large profiles
  • #2 in Europe for hard alloy extrusions
  • #2 worldwide in Crash Management Systems

Automotive Structures and Industry’s solutions

Automotive Industry Transportation
  • Structural Components
  • Crash Management Systems
  • Battery Enclosures

  • Chassis and Mechanical Parts


  • Machinery
  • Electrical Engineering

  • Building and architecture




  • Trucks
  • Bus

  • Rail

  • Power Rail

  • Marine

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Constellium’s Automotive Structures and Industry facilities are located close to our customers to respond to their needs as quickly as possible. Our international footprint allows us to manage global programs for automakers, while also focusing on local markets.

To support ongoing development, our University Technology Center at Brunel University London provides rapid prototyping for our global customers with dedicated production-scale casting and extrusion equipment, as well as a forming and joining center to produce and test aluminium automotive components.

From alloy development to product design, simulation and testing, prototyping and production, Constellium is a unique partner to our customers. To learn more about a specific facility, click the link below.

North America:  Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada, Livonia, Michigan, USA, San Luis Potosí, Mexico, Van Buren, Michigan, USA, White, Georgia, USA

Europe: Děčín, Czech Republic, Nuits-Saint-Georges, France, Burg, Germany, Crailsheim, Germany, Neckarsulm , Germany, Gottmadingen, Germany, Landau, Germany, Singen, Germany, Levice, Slovakia, Zilina, Slovakia, Vigo, Spain, Chippis and Sierre, Switzerland, Uxbridge, UK

Asia: Changchun, China, Nanjing,China , Tokyo, Japan


Key Customers