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Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada

Constellium and Can Art have created a joint venture, Astrex, to meet the growing demand for stronger, lighter-weight, cost-effective aluminum Crash Management Systems and body structure components for automotive applications. The 50/50 venture is located in Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada and is dedicated to extruding Constellium’s specialty alloys for various automotive applications.

Products from the joint-venture plant are then shipped to the Constellium plant in Van Buren, Michigan, where they are made into final assemblies - such as bumpers, windshield headers, rockers, roof bows, etc.

About Astrex

Constellium and Can Art have created in 2016 a joint venture, Astrex, dedicated to extruding Constellium’s specialty alloys. With this joint venture, Constellium secures its supply source and can engineer and produce higher strength, lighter-weight new advanced components for its automotive customers. Combining the strengths of Constellium and Can Art sets a new standard for North American quality and service in extruded and fabricated products.

Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada
Type : Plant
Astrex Inc.
383 Patillo Road
Lakeshore, Ontario N8N 2M1
Tel: +1 (226) 363 0100

12,500 m²
3.09 acres

Advanced, lightweight and higher strength aluminium extrusions, across a range of advanced alloy compositions including the proprietary Constellium HSA6TM and HCA6TM alloys.


Manufacturing capacity


The plant houses a state of the art extrusion press with highly automated downstream handling (which includes stretching, saw-cutting and transferring the extrusions) and integrated precision cutting.

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