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White, Georgia, U.S.

White - Outside view

Opened in 2017, Constellium’s plant in White, GA, is dedicated to the production of advanced aluminum automotive structural components and Crash Management Systems. The facility is strategically located to supply automakers in the Southeast U.S.

White, Georgia, U.S.
Type : Plant
Constellium Automotive
1 Constellium Drive
White, Georgia 30184
United States
Tel: +1 (706) 410 1009

13,500 m²
3.33 acres

Automotive Structures, Crash Management Systems


Manufacturing Capacity


Manufacturing processes at the plant include: bending, machining, laser cutting, CMT welding, heat treatment, quality control (CMM, laser scanning and tensile testing) and others.

Sustainability is incorporated into the production processes at the plant, which also recycles its scrap aluminium.

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