16 January 2014

Constellium Prize 2013 of the French Academy of Sciences is awarded to Professor Christine Baret-Blanc for her achievements in the field of metals resistance to aqueous corrosion

Constellium Prize 2013
From left to right: Bruno Dubost, Science Director, Constellium’s
Research & Technology, Professor Emeritus Francis Dabosi,
Professor Christine Baret-Blanc and Professor Eric Andrieu (INP

Dr. Christine Baret-Blanc, Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (INP Toulouse), France, was awarded the Constellium Prize 2013 of the French Academy of Sciences. She was distinguished for her research focussing on the resistance of metals to aqueous corrosion, in particular that of aluminium alloys for aerospace applications and of steel for energy production applications.

The Constellium Prize is awarded once a year to a scientist with an international reputation. It recognizes fundamental or applied scientific achievements in any field that can contribute to innovative metallurgical applications particularly in the aluminium industry. Dr. Baret-Blanc’s experimental research, combining electrochemistry at the microscopic scale, the mechanics of materials, and metallurgy, opens the door to the development of advanced materials and solutions with improved resistance to aqueous corrosion. The study involved R&D partnerships with several major industrial companies, including EADS and Constellium for aerospace applications.