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Interview with Andrew Flynn, VP Global Talent Management, Constellium

What type of of a person is a good fit for Constellium?

Constellium is a complex and exciting B2B operating environment serving clients across the packaging, aerospace and automotive sectors. Therefore, we are looking for people who are bright, curious, open minded, collaborative and ultimately customer minded. By seeking out and adding such people to our talent pool helps us to sustain and grow our business. 

One other thing to consider: our industry leadership position is not a guarantee without the combined effort of everyone. We stay ahead by welcoming in differing opinions, demanding high levels of collaboration and finally, enabling individual empowerment whereby people demonstrate personal ownership and accountability.

What kinds of career opportunities are available within Constellium?

We take leadership development seriously. We believe it to be a primary responsibility of our senior leadership.

As a global enterprise with a footprint across three continents there is always an opportunity to work with a diverse body of people that enhances one’s international viewpoint, cultural awareness and business skills.

Consequently, beyond transnational teamwork there are leadership opportunities for our high performing talent across multiple international locations.

Finally, in addition to our engineering needs, opportunities exist across all role types ranging from sales, strategy, marketing, research, innovation, supply chain, operations to human resources, IT and finance.

How would you describe Constellium’s work culture?

The Constellium culture is a mixture of internal and external focus. Internally we are highly collaborative with a shared understanding of our strategy and direction. Given our manufacturing emphasis we require high standards as it relates to product, process and safety. Externally, we are highly creative and competitive. This is a necessity to meet current and future customer needs not to mention beating the competition!

Furthermore, our six values form the bedrock of our company. Those values are: safety, respect, trust, transparency, collaboration and empowerment. Some companies have values merely as posters, we have them as a living guide to engage our key stakeholders, in particular our customers and each other.

To close, a mention about our diversity levels. This a firm source of pride for Constellium. As a global business we are fortunate to have a significant mix of nationalities. For example, at our R&D facility in Voreppe, France we have people from all cultural backgrounds and nationalities (22 in all!)  working together daily as they map out our future product offerings.