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Who We Are

Constellium (NYSE: CSTM) is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high value-added aluminium products and solutions. We design and manufacture advanced alloys and engineered solutions for a range of applications, such as cars, beverage cans, airplanes and more.

Constellium’s story dates back more than a century, with our roots in the aluminium pioneers Pechiney, Alcan, and Alusuisse. Through constant innovation, we go beyond the material to create with our customers endless possibilities. From beverage cans to pickup trucks, fuselages to space launchers, our R&D centers constantly explore the many ways to transform this material and help build a more sustainable future.

Much more than a simple commodity, aluminium will play a major role in the lighter, faster economy of tomorrow. So will Constellium, as we strive to be the most exciting, value-adding business in the industry.

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What We Do

We design, develop, and engineer products and solutions in partnership with our customers for a range of markets, including:

  • Automotive: Our advanced aluminium solutions for automotive components help global manufacturers produce lighter, safer, and more fuel-efficient vehicles, as well as electric vehicles with greater range. We are a world leader in Crash Management Systems and hold a leading European position in Auto Body Sheet.
  • Aerospace: We offer innovative, high performance products and manufacturing services to companies working in commercial aircraft, military aircraft, and space programs. The global leader in aerospace plates and aluminium-lithium flat rolled products, we are also a major player in fuselage sheets.
  • Packaging: From design to production to recycling, we are a leading integrated supplier in the aluminium packaging market. We supply aluminium coils and sheets for beverage and food cans, wine and spirits closures, hair and body care aerosols, and luxury cosmetics packaging. In addition to being the global leader in closure stock, we are also a leader in can stock for Europe and North America.

Constellium also supplies the Defense, Transportation, and Industry sectors.


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Where We Are

Constellium is headquartered in Paris, France, with corporate offices in Baltimore and Zurich. With approximately 12,000 employees around the world, we are a global company that acts locally.

We operate 27 manufacturing sites in Europe, North America, and China. Our capabilities include extrusions and rolled products, automotive structural components, and recycling.

The company’s C-TEC Technology Center in Voreppe, France, and a U.S. hub in Plymouth, Michigan, along with a University Technology Center at Brunel University London, are the sources of many advanced aluminium alloys and solutions.



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How We Create Sustainable Value

Constellium’s solutions are a major element in our daily lives, making our products lighter, safer, and cleaner. Aluminium, the world’s third most abundant element, is a vital material for the 21st century, and Constellium is a leader in developing it into value-added solutions. 

We are always innovating for a safer and more sustainable tomorrow, finding lighter and greener solutions for our customers while striving to improve aluminium’s overall footprint. 

Our first priority is our people. We commit to the safety of our employees and our Recordable Case Rate (RCR) is one of the best in the industry. We see diversity as a strength, and strive to ensure that every member of our team feels respected, included, and empowered.



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Leadership and Governance

Constellium is a public company listed on the NYSE, operating with best practices and to the highest ethical standards. We are answerable to our shareholders, the Board of Directors and Committees, and our worldwide code of conduct.

  • The Board of Directors is collectively responsible for the management of the Company , its general business conduct, and its corporate governance structure. The Non-Executive Directors supervise and provide guidance to the Executive Director, who is entrusted with the day-to-day management of the Company.
  • Our Executive Committee focuses on strategy, financial management, commercial developments, program execution, organizational evolution, and Group-wide policies. Together, they combine nearly 200 years of experience in the aluminium industry.



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