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Abundant, endlessly recyclable, and reusable, aluminium is key to tomorrow’s lighter, faster, and more sustainable economy. By alloying aluminium with other elements, we can enhance its distinctive property balance and expand upon its range of applications. In addition to new alloys, we are also investigating new manufacturing techniques to provide complete solutions that are both efficient and efficiently industrialized.

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Products and Solutions

Innovation is Constellium’s driving force. A number of our innovations are now standards for the entire aluminium industry, bringing improved performance, enhanced manufacturability, and eco-efficiency.

Our innovations are opening up new opportunities for customers in markets from automotive to aerospace, packaging, transportation, industry and defense.

Our R&D projects have two major axis: we can help optimize the application of downstream technologies to aluminium alloys, or develop our products’ aptitude to downstream processing.


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Aheadd®, high performance aluminium powders for selective laser melting and power bed fusion process

Aluminium Additive Manufacturing is increasingly getting traction, as more applications are being developed for the aerospace, motor sport and automotive industries.

Whether used to produce complex components or to support prototyping, aluminium additive manufacturing has demonstrated it can complement traditional manufacturing of aluminium parts.


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Optimizing Transformation Processes

Beyond products and solutions, we also strive to optimize processes, whether internally, to improve productivity and reliability, or externally, to provide expertise to our customers. We keep a close eye on evolving processes, too.

Trends such as 3D printing and Industry 4.0 are changing the way things are manufactured, and we plan to fully exploit their potential.



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State-of-the-Art R&D

Our Technology Center (C-TEC) in Voreppe, France, is the birthplace of some of the most advanced aluminium technology in the world. By making state of the art resources available to our expert team of engineers and technicians, and collaborating with customers, universities, and research centers, we have discovered game-changing solutions for challenges in a variety of sectors.

We recently enhanced our R&D capabilities with a new hub in Plymouth, Michigan, and Constellium’s University Technology Center at Brunel University London.



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Collaborations and Partnerships

We believe that when it comes to innovation, an outward-looking mindset is an asset. That’s why we practice collaborative research among our teams, with our customers, and through long-term cooperation with close to 50 universities, research labs, and scientific partners around the world.

These partnerships serve many purposes, from fostering new ideas and sharing emerging knowledge to exploring innovative concepts. They help to ensure our R&D stays cutting-edge and aligned with market needs.