Sustainability Targets

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We have set ambitious yet achievable targets as part of our 2030 sustainability strategy and roadmap, including reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, increasing recycling, and promoting diversity and inclusion. 

A broader set of KPIs was also developed, including landfill water, water withdrawals, air emissions, biodiversity and more. 

Every year, we track our performance and transparently disclose our results in our Sustainability Report

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Safety: Reach a 1.5 RCR (recordable case rate)* in 2025 vs 2021

Gender Diversity

Increase the percentage of women in professional and management roles at Constellium to 25% in 2025 vs 2021

GHG Emissions

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions : Reduce by 30% our GHG emissions intensity in 2030 vs 2021

Recycling (Sustainability Targets)

Recycling: Utilize at least 50% of all aluminium input from recycled sources in 2030 vs 2021