Sustainable Financing

Sustainability and Our Business Strategy

Sustainability is an intrinsic part of our business strategy. Our first priority is people: we commit to the safety of every single worker, promote a diverse and inclusive work environment, and support local communities. As we seek to minimize our impact on the planet, we are proud to work with aluminium, a sustainable and infinitely recyclable material.

Our Sustainability Targets

Read more about our sustainability targets regarding safety, greenhouse gas emissions, and gender diversity, as we continue our journey to promote a circular economy, address climate change, and ensure a safe, diverse, and inclusive environment to its employees.

ESG Reports

Every year, we track our performance and ensure accurate and transparent disclosure of our sustainability data. Our Business and Sustainability Report details the company's initiatives and results, and includes our non-financial performance statement verified by an independent third party. Our key ESG disclosures and documents of interest to investors are available here.

Sustainability-Linked Financing Materials

Constellium is supportive of sustainable finance and is committed to meaningfully tying its sustainability objectives to funding obligations. Constellium believes that sustainable finance will be a strong motivator in driving change toward a low emissions future. These financing activities will allow investors to partner with Constellium in achieving its long-term sustainability goals. In February 2021, Constellium became the first company in the metals sector to issue a Sustainability-Linked Note.

Two Sustainability Performance Targets (“SPTs”) were established as part of the February 2021 offering. The first SPT is Greenhouse Gas Intensity of 0.615 tons of CO2 equivalent per ton of sales in 2025, representing a 25% improvement from our 2015 baseline. The second SPT is recycled aluminium input of 685 thousand tons in 2026, representing a 10% improvement from our 2019 baseline.