It is the train that takes us to work every morning and brings us home at night. A cold drink from a can on a summer day. The car that allows us to safely transport our children. The plane that flies us to the other side of the world to connect with our family. Constellium’s solutions are a major element in daily life, making products lighter, safer, and cleaner.

Greater energy savings on the rails

In the globally expanding rail industry, our lightweight solutions increase passenger capacity, save energy, and lead to significant CO2 reductions.

Aluminium in the Rail Industry

Endlessly recyclable

Working with our clients, we collect and recycle manufacturing
process metal and end-of-life scrap, and we continually improve our processes to
build the most efficient recycling loops.


Aluminium Life Cycle

Improved safety on the road

Aluminium provides superior energy absorption to protect passengers and vehicles in case of a collision. We supply seven million Crash Management Systems per year to major automakers globally.

Aluminium Crash Management Systems