Aluminium sheet roll


We create value throughout the life cycle of aluminium. Below we explain the various stages of production and outline our role in the process.

We provide aluminium rolled and extruded products, automotive components, and recycling services.

Rolled products

Sheets, plates and coils of aluminium that can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as car body closures, airplane wings, beverage and food cans, cosmetics packaging, architecture and more. 

Extruded products

Aluminium profiles can be produced in an infinite array of shapes and gauges. They are used for automotive components, railcars, bus structures, power rails, architecture, electrical engineering applications and more.


Automotive components

Constellium designs and produces custom extrusion-based automotive solutions such as structural components, Crash Management Systems and battery enclosures for global automakers.




Aluminium is born to be recycled. Constellium recycles scrap from our own production processes, as well as those of our customers, so none of this precious metal goes to waste.