A Sparkling Collaboration

Constellium image

Innovation Highlights

SodaStream, a global leader in home-carbonated drinks, sells a machine that allows consumers to make sparkling beverages on demand. Since 2015, our Děčín site in the Czech Republic has supplied the company with nearly 3,000 metric tons per year of aluminium extrusions for their reusable carbonating cylinders.

Libor Voborsky, Děčín’s Sales Director, explains, “We supply a solid round bar made from a lead-free corrosion-resistant alloy which is then transformed, reshaped, and machined by the customer to create the final cylinder. The product shape looks simple, but the beauty is hidden in specific details.” 

It required a great deal of R&D to ensure that Constellium’s processes and materials would meet the customer’s high demands. “Sodastream’s philosophy is to guarantee absolute safety, by checking every single unit (a high-pressure gas tank),” Voborsky says. “They recognized our strength and expertise, and that we could help them address two of their key concerns—stable quality and recyclability.

It is more environmentally friendly to produce sparkling water than to buy it in plastic bottles. Aluminium brings another environmental advantage, in that it is fully recyclable. SodaStream lacked a solution for treating scrap locally, so Constellium found a solution whereby the company sends scrap back to Děčín for recycling.