Preserving Biodiversity in Neuf-Brisach

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Sustainability Engagement

Site Life

Constellium is currently developing a new recycling center to expand recycling capabilities at our plant located in Neuf-Brisach, France. 

The Challenge 
New construction often leads to disrupting local ecosystems. According to Build with Rise, a company focused on creating more sustainability in construction: “Urban planning, and the construction industry as an extension, is the fourth largest factor in the destructing of biodiversity. The causes include the ‘artificialization’ of the construction site, the fragmentation of the landscapes, the sound and light pollution, and human impressions on natural spaces.” (Source: Biodiversity and Home Construction)

Our Goal
Avoid the impact of our activities on species and natural environments as far upstream as possible. The plant set out to preserve local flora and fauna as much as possible during this transition, including ensuring that species are reintroduced to the area as soon as the construction has been completed. 

Reduction Measures

  • Established a protocol before cutting cavity trees that could potentially shelter bat families and installed 60 nest boxes to provide additional shelter
  • Installed 600m of amphibian tarpaulins to prevent laying of frog eggs on the site
  • Installed two hibernacula for small animals 
  • Distributed booklets on biodiversity issues to external contractors working onsite to raise awareness

Compensation Measures

  • Felled half of the existing poplar trees to diversity the tree species by autumn 2023
    • New species include: oak, white and black poplar, lime and maple trees
  • Installed fencing to protect future trees
  • Removed invasive plants and provided maintenance for existing plants
  • Sowed barley to provide ground cover to prevent invasive plants from growing back

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