Smartlabs, new co-creative workshops to support our customers on their path to success

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Innovation Highlights

Following a successful piloting phase, Constellium has introduced a new service concept ‘Constellium Smartlabs’ implementing a collaborative approach to product and service development for our strategic customers.

Constellium Smartlabs workshops are built on the principles of co-creative design thinking methodology. The workshops address the individual and universal challenges to innovation that our customers face, with the aim to create viable, desirable, and feasible solutions to these challenges. The workshops follow a structured process that consists of a joint preparation meeting, an intense and inspiring collaborative workshop day at the customer’s premises, and follow-up meetings communicating the progress.

During the piloting stage, we saw significant achievements and positive outcomes with participating customers. The workshops sparked inspiration and offered fresh insights into industry needs, trends, and drivers. The methodology, rooted in design thinking, not only drove innovation but also garnered praise for its effectiveness in unlocking creative solutions.

A Constellium Smartlabs co-creative workshop unfolds through a strategic process, ensuring a seamless blend of expertise and creativity. This streamlined process ensures that collaborative efforts yield impactful and innovative outcomes.

1. Customer Pre-Assignment: Participants receive a pre-assignment, laying the groundwork and aligning thoughts with upcoming focus areas.

2. Review Meeting Based on Pre-Assignment: Insights from the pre-assignment are discussed, fostering a shared understanding and preparing participants for the collaborative journey.

3. Focus Area Mapping Based on Pre-Assignment: Focus areas are strategically mapped, guiding collective efforts toward targeted objectives.

4. Ideation Based on Focus Areas: Ideation sessions commence, where diverse perspectives spark ideas aligned with focus areas.

5. Idea Prioritization: A structured process prioritizes the most promising concepts for further exploration and development.

6. Concept Descriptions: The collaborative journey concludes with detailed concept descriptions, serving as blueprints for potential innovations.


At this stage, the Constellium Smartlabs workshops are available for Specialties customers, and on a limited basis.