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At Constellium, we give equal opportunities to people with disabilities, and seek to adapt our work environments to their needs. We recognize that disability goes beyond motor loss to other health problems, such as deafness, mood disorders, and neurological disease. 

Our sites in Singen and Dahenfeld, Germany, together employ 109 disabled employees, and provide equipment such as hearing aids, ergonomic chairs, and customized security shoes. In France, Constellium employed 146 disabled people at the end of 2021, and undertakes a range of measures around disabilities. For example, Ussel is working with local agencies to adapt jobs to different abilities. At C-TEC, during the “European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities 2021,” we communicated daily about different aspects of the subject to our employees. At Neuf-Brisach, the supplier who repairs our pallets exclusively hires disabled people. For Issoire employees whose disability no longer allows them to work in their usual way, a Disability Steering Committee strives to propose reclassification solutions. 

Since 2019, Issoire has permitted employees with disabled children to work 80% of the time while receiving a full-time salary, and provides the same allowance to disabled workers within three years of retirement. Coralie, a Plate Shop Operator who is raising a disabled child alone, says, “For the past three years, I have been part-time, which means I have an extra day a week without working. The agreement has changed my life.”