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Bowling Green, Kentucky, U.S. - Aluminium Manufacturing Plant | Constellium

Constellium Bowling Green

Inaugurated in September 2016, Constellium’s plant in Bowling Green, KY, produces flat rolled aluminium Auto Body Sheet products for the growing automotive market in North America.

With a capacity to produce 100,000 metric tons annually, the plant offers a full range of automotive alloys with a broad spectrum of thicknesses and widths. Coils supplied by the plant are used for a variety of automotive applications, including closures (inners and outer) and body in white components.

Bowling Green, Kentucky, U.S. - Aluminium Manufacturing Plant | Constellium
Type : Plant
Constellium Bowling Green LLC
714 Commonwealth Blvd
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101-8074
United States
Tel: + 1 (270) 715-9400

225,000 m²
55.58 acres

Finished flat rolled aluminium Auto Body Sheet products


Manufacturing capacity


The finishing line at Bowling Green can produce 100,000 tons of aluminium Auto Body Sheet products annually.


Our fully-integrated line guarantees a high quality product in one production run with a “clean room” approach that provides an ideal finishing process, including: 

  • High-speed thermal treatment
  • Precise temperature control
  • Highly efficient quench
  • Unique edge-trim set up
  • Continuous inspection systems

Our process results in products with higher strength, improved formability, and better crash performance, as well as best-in-class paintability, weldabililty, corrosion resistance and surface quality (hemming and roping properties).

Physical and chemical tests ensure all products meet customer specifications. Reduced logistics and handling complexity result in faster delivery times.


The Bowling Green plant has been designed to minimize waste and optimize our environmental footprint, including tight control of air emissions and retention within our surface treatment process.

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