Constellium has a long-established track record of developing innovative products for our main markets. The keys to achieving this are our alloy design and modelling capability, allied with our state of the art prototyping equipment.

  • Alloy design and modelling capability

Designing an alloy for aerospace, automotive or packaging applications is a complex affair as there are multiple process parameters and properties to co-optimize. We have acquired the knowledge and the modelling capability to accelerate these developments, and making these models available to our researchers helps us target solutions. Emerging prototyping/modelling approaches such as neural networks, atomistic modelling, and rapid prototyping tools will further accelerate developments and create new opportunities.

  • Prototyping equipment

Our technicians and engineers work with equipment ranging from micro-scale combinatorial casting and processing simulators through pilot-scale prototyping rigs (a pilot rolling mill, a surface-processing and organic coating line a three-way Morane press, a full suite of thermal treatment options) as well as full-scale facilities such as our production-scale cast house. This sophisticated equipment enables us to validate and refine the options identified through our alloy design and modelling capability. We also use it to explore entirely new compositional or processing domains, building the knowledge required for the products of the future.