C-TEC, Voreppe, France - Aluminium Research and Development Center

C-TEC Voreppe

The Constellium Technology Center (C-TEC) is our world-renowned R&D facility with ~250 employees dedicated to aluminium and its alloys. Opened in 1967, the center has been a key contributor to numerous innovations in aluminium metallurgy, including the design of new alloys, metallurgical tempers, products, functional applications, transformation and enabling processes. 

The center’s full- and prototyping-scale facilities provide the ideal venue for us to develop new solutions that meet customer needs. It plays host to a team of international scientists and technicians, all with unique competencies, and has a top-level international university network.  

In 2016, we added to our innovation resources with the opening of a new R&T hub in Plymouth, MI (U.S.).

Constellium image
Constellium image
Constellium image