Nuits-Saint-Georges, France

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Constellium Soft Alloys Europe offers our customers more than 40 years of experience in aluminum extrusion solutions for the automotive, building and construction, industrial, and other specialty markets. We have a reputation for world-class quality, and are recognized for our ability to achieve complex geometry sections, tight tolerances, thin wall thicknesses, precise mechanical properties, and high surface quality. With two plants located close to our customers, we can quickly respond to technical and logistical needs while drawing on the global resources of the Constellium group. 

We are known for a broad range of soft aluminum alloys, based on the 6xxx alloy family, that enable high-formability extrusions with great mechanical performance. Each alloy is manufactured to precise internal specifications, which enables perfect reproduction of quality and properties in large series. Our alloys are developed according to the standards required by different markets and applications, including mechanical properties, fatigue behavior, formability, surface appearance, and thermal and electrical conductivity. 

More than 45,000 metric tons of aluminum profiles leave our plants each year, serving different industry sectors and applications. Soft Alloys Europe responds to each customer’s technical and logistical needs while drawing on the worldwide resources of the Constellium group. 

For the highest quality, Constellium sources raw materials from reliable international suppliers. With an eye on the future, we continuously research new ways to recycle aluminum more easily and efficiently.